About eFlex

eFlex Training was founded in 2012 by two English language trainers who between them have over 30 years of experience teaching in schools and in industry. Driven by a passion for their profession and a desire to improve the way English is taught online, the development of eFlex has been based on two core principles.


eFlex is not merely a place to practise your language skills. It’s a place to learn. All the modules have been conceived to enable the student to acquire the language they need to communicate more effectively in English. Each of our modules has been crafted to reflect as closely as possible the way in which we would approach teaching a point of language in the classroom. Points of grammar, as well as communication strategies for business, travel and leisure, are presented in context and backed up by practice and production exercises. Modules contain printable study sheets and are supported by role plays and communication activities.


Students working online will frequently be working independently. This is why we have focused on making the design and navigation clear and user-friendly. Each step is clearly signposted and the learning process is organised in a logical and consistent manner throughout the site. eFlex is free of gimmicks and has been designed to be an enjoyable and interactive way to learn English.

Try the demo and see how eFlex can help fulfill your language training requirements.