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Online learning for the classroom, distance learning, homework and further practice.

You and your students can benefit from finding a wide range of learning resources in one place. Discover a broad spectrum of online learning materials for you to use with your students in the classroom, for distance learning, or to provide homework or remedial practice, whatever their learning objectives. As a language trainer you will have certain expectations of how language training should be delivered, whether it’s in the classroom or online. The creators of eFlex are language trainers first and foremost, which is why each module has been developed as a complete lesson which follows an approved pedagogical progression. The learner is taken through a series of steps conceived to maximize the effectiveness of their training.


Each of our modules is supported by a series of role-plays and communication activities for your students to demonstrate that they can use the target language, and for you to accurately assess their progress.

“Every module on eFlex is like a complete lesson plan. Sometimes I use the materials in class and sometimes I ask the student to prepare a module in advance, so we can focus on the role-plays and communication activities. All my students really seem to enjoy the online lessons, and I can keep track of exactly what they have done with a simple click.”
Bradley Reynolds, EFL Trainer

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